MubleSol’s key strength is the young and vibrant yet highly experienced and innovative techno-commercial team. Every project necessarily would consist of the following key members so as to comprehend and materialize every aspect of the complete solution:

Client The most important person in the whole process is the client. We try to understand and improve the business processes of the client with the aid of technology.

Business Consultant Works with corporate stakeholders to effectively translate business vision into practical implementation strategies. Consultant also supports strategic decision making by negotiating trade-offs between desired functionality, timeframe, budget, and technical risk. Proposes technical solutions and architectures, and creates high-level project plans for the implementation. Business Consultant is the internal client for every project and the primary point of contact with client.

Solutions Architect Responsible for technical design of the solution and its key characteristics like performance, security, reliability,flexibility, and ease of integration. Oversees and ensures timeliness and quality of the project deliverables. Manages relationships with project stakeholders, communicates project status and issues.

Team Lead Organizes and oversees the work of the project team. Ensures the quality of all key deliverables. Establishes project infrastructure and maintains code repositories. Coordinates integration and testing efforts.

Graphic Designer Designs the visual dimension of the solution with a focus on better user experience. Ensures that design is appropriate for the target audience and effectively satisfies business requirements.

Software/Embedded Engineer Designs and develops components of the solution including server-side code, data repositories and databases, web pages, client-side scripts, etc.

Software Tester Validates the quality of the solutions delivered and that they meet the requirements and designs specified earlier.