Business Tracking System

Tracking System provides a powerful tool to streamline the time-consuming and complex task of attestation processes. System minimizes the workload will meet the user’s needs while remaining easy to understand and use. Tracking System allows users to easily maintain day-to-day transactions related to attestation, account processing along with complete income and expense details and procedures related to courier tracking. Easy-to-use software can easily adjust into any business frame and helps to reduce overall management costs, save time and efforts to run the company smoothly. Our Software helps in effective decision making using timely and reliable management information and also provides integration with other related applications. It provides single window services to users like Customer Registration, Daily Transactions, Attestation processes, Accounts administration, Courier Tracking etc. Tracking System accessibility is user-friendly over browsers.

Document Management System

Document Management System (DMS) software helps organization to automate and manage their large volumes of files and documents. DMS software helps the enterprise to securely store electronic documents and hence the information and data they contain. It also enables to retrieve, share, modify, track versions and distribute documents effectively.

Customized ERP System

The ERP solution would greatly increase the efficiency of all the client's international operations. The solution addresses three broad areas of operation which were previously run by manual paper based transactions. The three areas are Training & Development, HRM and Client Management. The solution provides an interactive and informative interface which would enable the client to focus more on the business decisions than on the business operations.

Integrated Core with SSO

A high-end SSO core website which would enable the entire targeted user group to access all the related sites with a single login. The website also Implements a highly complex reward point system which would translate into more business for the client and more money for the targeted users.

E-Commerce Websites

A series of e-commerce websites has been crafted for the sale/purchase of specific goods. These sites are made in conjunction with Integrated Core SSI website.

WordPress SMS Plugin

A WordPress plugin which would enable the user to send individual or bulk messages to a contact list. The SMS can be scheduled to be sent for a later time. The plugin includes the option to create dynamic SMS templates. These templates get the details of the recipient and replace it in place of the corresponding fields in the template.