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There is a wide variety of reporting requirements, and whether to buy or build a reporting tool for your business intelligence needs is also heavily dependent on the type of requirements. It isn't difficult to retrieve data. You could write code to loop through record sets and print them in your Windows or Web application. In the .NET Framework, you could go further and bind that data to a control, such as a Repeater, DataList or DataGrid.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence turns data into past, present and future views of your organization’s operations and performance so your decision makers can capitalize on opportunities and minimize risks. From business intelligence to financial performance and strategy management to analytics applications, IBM Cognos software can provide what your organization needs to become top-performing and analytics-driven. With products for the individual, workgroup, department, midsize business and large enterprise, Cognos software is designed to help everyone in your organization make the decisions that achieve better business outcomes—for now and in the future. Choose the business intelligence or performance management product you want and be confident that it can grow seamlessly as your needs expand.

IBM Cognos

Business Objects allows you to transform the data in databases into information that allows you to make better decisions. You can see and work with the data in professional looking reports. Business Objects is the program used for the corporate reporting service . It will allow you to run pre-defined reports to extract data from key databases and systems used within the company.

Business Objects